The identity is designed to create a bright and memorable visual image of the brand. Besides, the identity helps the company to position itself in the market, create a visual concept that will attract customers. Today, many people believe that the corporate style of a company consists of simply a logo and business cards, but this is far from the case. The identity consists of many elements that work together and according to certain rules. A well-designed and well-thought-out style remains in the consumer's memory for a long time and can strengthen the company's position in the market.

Basic elements of identity


The logo is the central element of the company's identity. A well-designed logo ensures brand awareness among competitors. It is a significant image component of the company.

Corporate style

The corporate style combines many elements such as corporate colors, fonts, additional graphic elements, etc. The use of corporate style elements creates a visual image of the company.

Brand book

A brand book is a document that contains information on the correct use of the corporate style. The wrong application of corporate style can completely ruin the entire concept even if you have a great logo and graphic elements for the design of media. So, it is very important to have a document that describes the rules for working with the corporate style.

Carriers' design

Thanks to the developed corporate style, we can create the design of various identity carriers: starting from a flash drive or pen and ending with corporate transport and design of advertising structures. The design of all carriers in the same style allows achieving a common visual style of the company.

Development stages

01. Analysis of the current brand

We analyze the customer's business area and study the target audience.

02. Creation of a visual concept

From the received data, we form a concept that will favorably distinguish the company in the market.

03. Implementation of the concept

Under the guidance of the art director, designers create all the elements of identity.

04. Development of a brand book

After the design is approved, rules are created for the correct use of the corporate style.

Our advantages

We work for the result

We always study the customer's business area in depth in order to offer the most effective result.


As the customer's business grows, we can easily supplement and adapt to the previously developed concept.

Wide profile

Our team has specialists in various profiles, which allows us to implement the most daring ideas.

Golden mean

We always offer the optimal development concept, depending on the customer's capabilities.

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