Website promotion

The modern Internet is like a huge metropolis, which consists of a huge number of websites. And if your website is located on the outskirts of this metropolis, then it will be very difficult for potential customers to find it, as a result of which you will simply lose profit. SEO promotion is a whole range of different activities that will help your website to increase its audience, increase conversion, and ensure the best positions in search engines.

Four signs that your website needs SEO promotion

Low traffic ranking

You put a lot of effort into the website, but there are no more visitors.

Low efficiency

Users come to your website, but do not make purchases and leave.

The website is not in the search results

Your website has a low ranking in Google search engine or is not indexed at all.

Non-unique content

You use texts borrowed from other websites.

Types of promotion

The promotion strategy usually depends on a variety of factors from the business area to the client's budget. In each case, we offer the optimal strategy.

Search promotion

Search engine optimization helps to bring your website to the top 10 results in Yandex and Google search engines for queries critical to your business. The result of search promotion is to attract new search traffic, increase awareness of your company or brand, and as a result, increase sales.

Creation of the semantic core

First, we study the specifics of your business, as well as products, services, or solutions. Next, we select and systematize the necessary number of key queries for which the website will be displayed at the top of search engines. We also analyze the key queries of direct competitors and then adjust the strategy.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization is designed to make the website more convenient for both users and search engines. At this stage, we optimize the website structure, as well as prepare or create landing pages for key queries. Besides to working with content, more attention is paid to the technical component of the website. We check the website loading speed, identify and eliminate technical errors, optimize pages under the search engine rules, eliminate duplicate content, create internal linking, and work with the Title and Description meta tags.

External optimization

The set of works carried out as a part of external optimization includes the placement of thematic articles, as well as press releases on trust quality websites (industry portals, mass media, large thematic sites). By getting perpetual links on major websites, your website will receive a constant influx of targeted traffic. Thus, external optimization consists in increasing the website's citation, as well as in raising the authority for the search engines.

Internet advertising

In the modern world, the effectiveness of online advertising is often much higher than that of other types of advertising. This is not surprising, because millions of people use search engines and social networks every day. A competent advertising strategy will allow your business to quickly get new customers and increase profits.

Contextual advertising

This type of advertising is based on serving ads that match the interests or current needs of users. These ads can be presented as graphic text and image banners, as well as in the form of videos. Ads are placed in search results of Yandex and Google, as well as the websites that come in the affiliate networks of search engines. When creating advertising companies, we constantly monitor their effectiveness so that you can get even more sales within the budget.

Media advertising

Media advertising is also part of contextual advertising. Like contextual advertising, it is displayed in the form of banners in the search results and advertising networks, Yandex, and Google search engines. However, media advertising is paid based on the number of views and is primarily intended to increase brand awareness, conduct promotions, or promote a new product.

Targeted advertising

First of all, it is worth mentioning that targeted advertising campaigns are conducted in social networks (Facebook etc.). All social networks collect quite a lot of personal information about each user, and as a result, all this data is used in internal advertising networks. When creating a targeted advertising company, you can select a specific segment of users based on geography, gender, age, interests, certain communities, and many other factors. Thus, knowing the profile of our customers, we can serve our ads to those users who are most likely to be interested in our products or services.

Content promotion

Content promotion is a series of systematic works with content, aimed not only at attracting new visitors to your website but also at providing detailed coverage of the company's activities and comprehensive information about products and services. Content promotion attracts new potential customers and the audience as a whole.

Text writing

It is no secret that most of the websites on the Internet consist of text. Well-written texts are your personal salesman who works 24 hours a day. The attractiveness of the website for users often depends on how detailed and correct your texts are (from the SEO point of view). When writing sales texts and articles, we fully delve into the company's activities and study the specifics of the business. This allows you to get the most accurate and correct content for content promotion.

Media content creation

Photo and video content helps the user get more detailed information about the product or service. Properly designed and unique media content created for a specific website is also one of the means of promotion. Search robots are quite good at detecting graphic content and can put it in Yandex and Google search results. With our own studio, we have extensive experience in creating photo and video content for websites and online stores.

Promotion in social networks

The vast majority of people use social networks every day. From a business point of view, social networks have long been an effective business tool. Regular management of social networks allows you to attract a new audience, as well as to increase customer loyalty to the brand. Also, using social networks, you can establish direct contact with the audience and get a live response from visitors. We offer comprehensive management of social networks, which includes the development of a general promotion strategy, creation and design of official pages in social network, increasing the number of subscribers, selecting news hooks, and working with the audience.