Data centers

Our equipment is housed in our own data centers, which feature stable communication channels, uninterrupted power supply, cooling systems, 24/7 security, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

Our data centers


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How our data centers are organized


Protection against Disruptions

We offer comprehensive electrical power backup for our data centers. Each of our facilities is equipped with both uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators, guaranteeing complete independence from the city's power grid. This approach ensures complete fault tolerance and the stable operation of all data center services.

Every year, our diesel generators undergo testing and scheduled maintenance. This allows us to have full confidence in the reliable operation of our backup systems.


Temperature Control

All of our data centers meticulously maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. This is crucial to ensure the operational reliability of our equipment.

We design our cooling systems with precision, employing air conditioners with N+1 redundancy for added reliability.

Fire safety

All Equipment is Fire Protected

We use automated fire suppression systems We use HFC-227ea, a safe-for-equipment fire suppressant This substance lowers the ambient temperature and suppresses the combustion reaction.

To detect any signs of fire, we place specialized smoke detectors throughout our data center premises.

Network infrastructure

Well-Structured Infrastructure

We use three types of networks: internet, local and L3VPN. These networks are completely isolated from one another, ensuring that the operation of one network does not impact the operation of the others. Additionally, we maintain redundancy for each internal network node (N+1).

You can connect to the Internet using one of several service providers. A local area network allows servers within the same pool to be interconnected with each other.

L3VPNs are used to create private L3-level network connectivity between projects in different products and data centers.


Permanent Access Control

Full access control is a fundamental security principle in our data centers. Unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited from entering. We use electronic locks with special access cards to regulate entry, and the entire data center premises are under constant video surveillance.

Access for our guests is granted only by prior appointment and with mandatory presentation of a passport. Internal movement is restricted to authorized client areas only.


24/7 Qualified Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with your questions, issues, or emergencies.

Upon the client's request, our service team can also perform maintenance and upgrades of server equipment, and all work performed is strictly regulated.

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