The SSL protocol ensures a secure connection between a user's browser and a server. When using SSL protocol, all information is transmitted in encrypted form via HTTPS and can be decrypted only with a special key.

An SSL certificate is a kind of unique digital signature on your site. An SSL certificate contains information about a domain, certificate holder, certificate validity period, as well as the details of a company providing SSL certificate. The SSL certificate confirms that the domain belongs to a real company and that its owner has the right to use the private key legally.

Three reasons to get SSL certificate


All transmitted data is securely encrypted. SSL forms a secure channel for transmission of private information such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers and more.


Before sending some private data, most people pay attention to the https protocol, which is available only after obtaining an SSL certificate. Thus, after obtaining an SSL certificate, your site’s credibility will be much higher.

Better Google ranking

It's not a secret that protected sites achieving higher positions in Google search, than not protected websites. Thus SSL-certificate boost up your position in the Google search.

SSL сертификаты с базовым уровнем доверия

Идеальный вариант для персональных сайтов и сайтов небольших компаний. Данные сертификаты подходят как для физических, так и для юридических лиц.


2715 Руб./год.

AlphaSSL Wildcard

7420 Руб./год.

Domain ServerSign

7420 Руб./год.

Domain ServerSign Wildcard

25355 Руб./год.

SSL сертификаты с расширенным уровнем доверия

Отличный выбор для интернет-магазинов и сервисов, где предъявляются особые требования к защите данных. Данные сертификаты подходят только для юридических лиц.


10510 Руб./год.

OrganizationSSL Wildcard

26355 Руб./год.


27120 Руб./год.

Опции для SSL сертификатов

В мультидоменных SSL-сертификатах GlobalSign используются поля альтернативных имен для защиты до 100 различных доменных имен, субдоменов и открытых IP-адресов. При этом требуется наличие только одного такого сертификата и один IP-адрес.


3085 Руб./год.


6212 Руб./год.

OrganizationSSL Wildcard SAN

25135 Руб./год.

Quick F.A.Q

If you can't decide what's certificate you need or you don't want to delve into all the subtleties, then we can help with to choose a correct certificate for your needs. Send us email with the address of your website on Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Let's take a quick look what SSL certificates are and what what type of certificates you can buy. If you need more detailed information about certificates, we recommend big article about SSL certificates in our blog.

So, if very briefly, SSL certificates can be divided into 3 main groups according to the verification method.

  • DV or Domain Validated - inexpensive certificates where you must to verify only domain ownership. These are the most popular certificates for individuals and small businesses.
  • OV or Organization Validated - these certificates are more expensive and can be used only by companies. When registering OV certificate, in addition to prove domain ownership, you also need to verify your company.
  • EV or Extended Validation - certificates with extended validation are suitable for large businesses, online stores and banks. An EV certificate will further increase customer confidence, which in turn will increase the customer flow and, consequently, company revenue.

We should also mention Wildcard certificates, which are protect a main domain, as well as all its subdomains. Wildcard certificates can be both DV (with domain verification) and OV (with company verification).

Yes, you can register a certificate for an individual, but only DV (Domain Validated) certificates. All you need is to verify ownership of your domen. A good choice to start is a Sectigo PositiveSSL certificate.

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