Creation of Websites on Bitrix CMS

We develop effective websites for business on the Bitrix management system.

Here you can order a website as a ready-made solution or an individual development according to the terms of reference. We develop any projects, starting from business card websites to large online stores and complex integration projects with a personal account.

Our scope of development

Corporate websites

Corporate websites are one of the means of communication between the company and the client. Working 365 days a year, the corporate website answers most questions about the company's services and products.

Online stores

A modern online store is one of the tools of modern business that allows you to organize the sale of goods over the Internet using various payment and delivery methods, as well as integration with 1C.

B2B services

Business to Business services are aimed at ensuring the effective interaction of the company with business partners, and they also help to optimize accounting and internal processes of the company.


If your company has internal or external services that require data exchange with the website, we are ready to implement high-quality integration of your services with the Bitrix system.

Our advantages

Certified partner

Syncweb is a certified business partner of Bitrix.

All in one place

Licenses, development, support, and hosting - it is very convenient to get services in one place.

Experienced contractor

More than twelve years in the market of website development and Internet projects.

We meet deadlines

A well-established system of work and the use of modern work methodologies allow us to strictly comply with deadlines.

Complex projects

We are ready to develop even the most daring and complex projects for your business.

Individual approach

We value the final result, so we work with each website individually.

Stages of website development on Bitrix

For each project, we use the Agile methodology, which allows us to clearly follow the roadmap and meet deadlines. From 4 to 6 specialists, including the project manager, participate in the development process. On average, it takes from 2 to 6 months to create a high-quality website. Of course, the creation time depends on the complexity of the website, and the overall involvement of the client in the process.



Before starting to develop a website, we get to know your company, as well as your products and services. To create a truly high-quality product, we need to know what our clients do and how they do it. Next, we study the main competitors to evaluate the market, and directly the competitors themselves.


Terms of reference

In order for the site to fully meet its business objectives, as well as the client's expectations, we develop terms of reference that contain a full description of the website's functionality. Or we study the terms of reference provided by the client.


Preparatory work

Following the necessary functionality of the future website, we select the necessary edition of the 1C-Bitrix: Site Manager system. After purchasing a Bitrix license, you get a few months of hosting as a gift. Next, we select and register domains, and then proceed directly to the development of the website.



Development is the most voluminous and labor-intensive stage. At this stage, we are developing the design, layout of website templates (including for mobile devices), as well as programming the functionality. Also, if necessary, we integrate the website with different services.


Testing and filling

Like any complex development product, a website needs to be tested. At this stage, minor errors and inaccuracies made during the development process are corrected. Besides, at this stage, the catalog of products or services is filled with content.

The website is ready. What's next?

After the website has been created, it is necessary to take care of its proper functioning and timely updating of information. Syncweb company provides clients with a full set of services for further maintenance of websites on Bitrix. We will take care of all the problems associated with the subsequent filling of the website, updating components, technical work, as well as work related to hosting.

Adding new information

We will add your news, articles, and other materials in strict accordance with the current website style. By adding quality information about a product or service, you help the customer choose in your favor.

Updating the functionality

As your company grows, so does the need for new functionality. We will take it upon ourselves to improve your website, because we as a developer know the structure of your website like no other.

Availability monitoring

Downtime can result in lost profits, so it is important to be sure that the site is working without interruptions. If the website stops working for some reason, we will restore its functionality as soon as possible.

Timely payment for services

There is no need to keep in mind the dates of renewal of the Bitrix license, hosting and domains. We will make sure that all your domains, hosting services, and Bitrix licenses are renewed on time.


Search engine optimization of your website is very important so that customers can easily find it in search engines. The higher your website's position, the more potential customers you will get.

We will protect your website

Regardless of the popularity of your website, sooner or later you may encounter viruses and other malicious scripts. Protection from viruses and external intrusions ensures the stability of the website, as well as protection of the company's reputation.

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