Bitrix24 CRM implementation

For more than 5 years, Syncweb has been implementing Bitrix24 CRM on a turnkey basis for small, medium and large businesses.

Bitrix24 CRM system is a powerful tool for organizing internal company processes. However, for this tool to work correctly, it needs to be properly and correctly configured. For 5 years, Syncweb has been implementing Bitrix24 CRM on a turnkey basis for small, medium and large businesses. We know how to properly organize internal business processes using Bitrix24, as well as how to integrate the system into the existing infrastructure of the company.

Four signs that your company needs Bitrix24

You do not remember your clients

You do not have a unified customer database, and all data about contractors is stored randomly.

Low efficiency

Your staff is not working effectively, because the company does not have a task-tracking tool.

Simple tasks take up too much time

Your staff spends too much time on simple tasks that can be automated.

You cannot rate a client

You do not know where the client came from, or how much they cost your company.

Bitrix24 licenses

basic set of features


Syncweb hosting provider is a certified business partner of Bitrix. Moreover, we are a recommended partner for the implementation of the Bitrix-24 product.

Bitrix24 implementation process


Introduction to the company

Bitrix24 CRM is a universal tool that is suitable for both small companies and large corporations. However, each company has its own needs for conducting business tasks, and what is suitable for a large company is completely inapplicable for a small one. Therefore, before implementation, it is very important to study both the client and their business sphere.

Identification of needs

Before starting implementation, we hold a series of meetings or Skype conferences where we talk about the capabilities of the Bitrix24 system, as well as get acquainted with the specifics of the client's business and analyze their business needs. In addition, at this stage, a project implementation plan is drawn up, which describes all its stages and a list of works.

Business process audit

If the company does not have any internal processes set up at all, or the company is not happy with how they work, we suggest conducting an audit and refinement of business processes. The result of the audit is specific recommendations that will help systematize processes or automate them. Optimization of processes will allow the company to use the CRM system functionality more competently and effectively.

Preparation of terms of references

At this stage, our specialists select the optimal tariff or system version, as well as all the necessary applications for integrating the Bitrix24 CRM system with the company's current infrastructure. After the product has been selected, we proceed to draw up the terms of reference. The terms of reference allow the company to accurately and technically correctly prepare all requirements for the CRM system implementation, describe its functionality, as well as the implementation of business processes through the CRM system functionality.


Bitrix24 CRM implementation

Usability audit is a series of tests aimed at evaluating the usability of a website. Tests conducted at this stage make it clear how convenient your website is for the end-user, how logical your website structure is, how logical is the location of various content elements, and what difficulties users may have when visiting your website pages.

Installation and configuration

The first stage of implementation is the installation of Bitrix24 CRM (only for the box version) and its initial configuration. The initial configuration includes CRM branding, filling in directories, adding company details, adding email templates, and configuring user roles and rights. Also, at this stage, CRM data is filled in.

Integration with the company's services

Each company, as it should be, already has many services that are essentially internal infrastructure. This can be an online store, the 1C: Enterprise system, telephony, chatbots, mailing systems, and so on. Therefore, it is very important to provide the opportunity to connect all these services with Bitrix24 CRM to create a single convenient platform for maximum efficiency. At this stage, we are adding all the necessary components for integration with third-party services.

Employee training

Employee training is one of the most important stages of implementing a CRM system. Properly selected and configured functionality is very important, but if employees do not know how to use the system, it can significantly affect the overall conversion rate. We train our employees, record training videos, and create user documentation.


Automation and maintenance

After installing and configuring Bitrix24 CRM, it is necessary to take care of the correct operation of the system. We offer a number of services for automation, completion, and maintenance of CRM.

Updating the functionality

Often, a company needs to change the business logic of Bitrix24 components to meet the needs of a specific business area. In such cases, we offer improvements to standard components, as well as the development of new functionality that will meet the needs of a specific business area or task. We will also help you implement and configure components from the official Bitrix24 app store.

Configuring fault tolerance

For companies that need to always have continuous access to CRM, we offer the implementation of a fault-tolerant infrastructure with double data backup. This setting allows you to achieve continuous CRM operations even in the event of unforeseen and emergencies. Backing up helps the company to avoid downtime in the CRM system, as well as to eliminate any data loss.

Technical support

For owners of the boxed Bitrix24 CRM version, we offer a full range of services for server maintenance, as well as the CRM system itself. We will ensure the correct configuration and operation of your server, install SSL certificates, and configure data backup. Additionally, we constantly monitor both the server and the CRM itself, which allows us to quickly identify and resolve problems.