Premium VPS

The Premium VPS tariffs line was created specifically for the needs of highly loaded and resource-demanding projects and it's a full-fledged replacement for a physical server.

Syncweb provides typical configurations of cloud VPS servers, and also allows you to create a configuration especially for your needs. We provide round the clock technical support 24/7. With our VPS service, you can host any high-loaded resource or a website without using your own server, which will significantly reduce operating costs. You get the flexibility to configure your server, because of KVM hypervisor, and each virtual machine has its own virtual hardware: network cards, disk, video card, and other devices.

Premium VPS Plans

Premium VPS-1

$38.50 /mo.

Premium VPS-2

$75.45 /mo.

Premium VPS-3

$150.90 /mo.

Premium VPS-4

$301.40 /mo.

Additional services:

Pre-installed software

Ready-made images and distributions for quickly creating a virtual server.




Bitrix ENV

Bitrix ENV CRM

ISP Manager

VM Manager KVM







How premium VDS from Syncweb works

Хранилище содержит пользовательские данные всех виртуальных машин. Избыточная распределённая схема хранения позволяет автоматически восстанавливать информацию при сбоях. Данные в хранилище доступны в любой момент времени.

InfiniBand - сеть с пропускной способностью 56 Гбит/с и задержками порядка 0,7 мкс. Два кластера обмениваются информацией так, как если бы они находились на одном физическом сервере.

What gives you a virtual private server in Syncweb

Any project is constatly facing the sutuation when computing volumes and requirement for data storage are constantly increasing, and you have to incur high capital costs for purchasing server equipment and maintaining your own infrastructure. And it makes you less flexible, in other words, when there is no need for a large amount of computing resources, you cannot dynamically reduce them and reduce operational costs. Cloud servers by Syncweb allows you to create infrastructure in cloud and abandon a physical servers. By renting our cloud servers you get much more flexibility in building your own infrastructure. Also you can forget about an operating costs associated with maintaining and repairing physical equipment.

Priority support and personal manager

200 Mb/s channel per virtual machine

Complete absence of overselling

Ability to add resources

Reliable Tier3 data center

KVM virtualization technology

Guaranteed amount of resources

Full ROOT access to the system

Remote access via VNC

Unimited traffic

Upload your own software images

Daily backups

Why Syncweb

We have partnerships with most popular developers of CMS platforms, such as ABO.CMS, Host.CMS, Umi.CMS, 1С Bitrix. Through years of experience we have accumulated quite a lot of experience working with these platforms. It allows us to provide qualified support to our customers.

We are trusted by large companies, banks and other large enterprises of the financial sector.


More than ten years of successful work in the hosting services market


Confirmed uptime of cloud services


Completed projects

Reviews of our clients

We value every client and make sure that the services we provide are always of truly high quality.