Cloud Disk

Cloud disk or backup disk is a service that allows you to store any data with a reliable Syncweb provider.

As part of this service, we provide a volume of 1 G to 1 TB. By individual agreement, the volume can be increased up to 10 TB or more. All data is stored in a reliable disk cluster built on enterprise-class SAS hard drives, which allows us to guarantee high data availability. The allocated disk space is accessed via the FTPS Protocol. FTPS (File Transfer Protocol + TLS) is a faster and more secure Protocol than FTP.

Advantages of Sycnweb Cloud Disk for Backups

Rapid deployment

The entire process is fully automated and takes only a few minutes.

Convenient to manage

Cloud storage will reduce the downtime of the service in case of emergencies.


All data is stored in a reliable disk cluster built on SAS disks of the Enterprise class.


All disk infrastructure is located in a Tier3 data center with redundant communication and power channels.

Why do I need cloud storage?

Data loss is one of the biggest problems that businesses face. Missing data can cost a company a lot of money. This is why we recommend using an external disk for backups. Using cloud storage, you will minimize the costs of downtime of your services, which means that you will not lose money.

The failure of the equipment

If there is a sudden hardware failure (if there is no backup), it may take a long time to restore data. Cloud storage of backups will allow you to restore data as soon as possible and continue working.

Errors in the software infrastructure

Software errors, such as automatic updates or installation of components, can also cause the services to fail. Restoring data from cloud storage allows you to quickly roll back the service to a working version.

Human factor

The most common cause of data loss is human error. Errors in the work of programmers and system administrators can lead to the loss of important data that directly affect the performance of the entire site or service. Syncweb Cloud FTP storage allows you to quickly return missing data and avoid downtime.

Actions of hackers-malefactors

Absolutely all services and sites today can be victims of both planned and random attacks by hackers. Such attacks can cause significant damage to the company's software infrastructure. Therefore, we recommend that you make backups of your files as often as possible, and use FTP storage to quickly restore all important files.