Hosting for Bitrix

Syncweb hosting for Bitrix is a perfect solution for resource-demanding projects that are operating under heavy load and were created under the 1C-Bitrix: Site Manager system.

Syncweb company provides three lines of tariffs that meet your specific needs. No more compromises, just pure performance. We provide 24/7 technical support. As part of this service, you can host any service or high-load website without using your own server capacity, which will significantly reduce operating costs. You get flexibility in settings because we use the KVM hypervisor, and each VM has its own virtual hardware: network cards, hard drive, GPU, and other devices.

Bitrix hosting plans

Bitrix Start


Bitrix Business


Bitrix Enterprise


Additional services:

Pre-installed software

Bitrix ENV

Bitrix ENV CRM

VM Manager KVM

Why Syncweb

We have a partnership with 1C-Bitrix company, and have accumulated a lot of experience in working with the 1C-Bitrix: Site Manager system, which allows us to provide qualified advice to our clients using this CMS.

We are trusted by large companies, such as MIA Bank, and other large enterprises in the financial sector.


Our hosting is recommended by Bitrix

Reliable Tier3 data center

KVM virtualization technology

Guaranteed amount of resources

Full root access to the system

Remote access via VNC

No traffic restrictions

Ability to upload your own software images

Daily backup

Need a Bitrix website?