Data Centers

Our telecommunications equipment is located in a modern data center. Using IBM, HP, DELL servers, we guarantee reliable operation of your projects and quick response to user requests.



Data centers are designed and built according with the Uptime Institute methodology in accordance with the Tier 3 fault tolerance level, which gives full reservation of engineering systems. At the same time, it is allowed to remove any node for maintenance, while maintaining the full functionality of the data center as a whole.

Security systems

Our data centers have a multi-level security system, allows us to guarantee one hundred percent safety and integrity of all installed equipment.

  • Video surveillance system. Video cameras with motion sensors are installed throughout the territory of the data center for round-the-clock video surveillance. All records are stored on a server for 30 days.
  • Access Control System. This system restricts access to the data center, for any unauthorized persons. Only employees have access to the data center, and also we have a special room for customers, equipped for comfortable work. The system registers each entry and exit throughout the data center, and identifies all the visitor.
  • Alarm system. All premises of the data center are connected to an alarm system, and a security officer is on duty around the clock at the entrance.

Climatic conditions

The air conditioning and ventilation system provides optimal microclimate parameters, which allows to increase productivity and equipment service life.

  • Precision air conditioners. Connected under the N + 1 scheme. This type of air conditioner is designed to continuously maintain accurate values of temperature and humidity in a process room. Air conditioners have a built-in filter that provides effective air purification.
  • Cold corridor and raised floor. The server rooms are designed according to the model with isolation of cold corridor. The structured cable system and air ducts are located below the raised floor. The cooled air is supplied directly to the racks with an equipment, which can significantly reduce energy consumption, as well as achieve more accurate and stable temperature readings.
  • Automated climate monitoring. Modern technical solution to control temperature, humidity, smoke and leakage. The system will immediately respond to the slightest deviation from the set values.

Fire safety

Non-flammable and non-toxic gas "Freon 125" is widely used in gas extinguishing systems, including data centers. Gas fills the entire volume of a room and, due to its chemical properties, completely neutralizes the combustion processes. After a while, the gas is removed with a special gas removal system.

  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system. Provides gas extinguishing agents to create a concentration, sufficient to contain and extinguish fire on initial stage without the participation of people. As an extinguishing agent we using "Freon 125", because it's harmless to equipment.
  • Fire alarm system. Designed for early detection of fire factors, processing and transmission of operational information to the control room, providing round-the-clock monitoring of the system state.

Reliable power supply

The system of uninterrupted power supply of data centers ensures continuous operation of the equipment in case of external network failures.

  • Two independent power inputs. Two independent inputs from different transformer substations are connected to automatic reserve power system with a bypass function. The load is evenly distributed between the two inputs. When one of the inputs is disconnected, the system automatically transfers the load to the healthy one.
  • Diesel generator set. Launched in case of power failures from transformer substations and fully ensures the operation of the data center.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply. Two Emerson UPSs operating in 1 + 1 mode, containing two groups of rechargeable batteries, are capable of providing electricity to all data center systems for three hours, this time is more than enough to switch to power from a diesel generator set.
  • Dual beam power supply. Each rack has two Schneider Electric receptacles connected to a different UPS.

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