Cloud services for MIA Bank

Bank MIA was looking for a reliable partner for provision of website hosting services with high availability and appropriate level of technical support. As a result, the bank chose our cloud solution called Syncweb Cloud.

With our cloud solution, we are fully satisfied the requested SLA (Service Level Agreement). Main feature of Syncweb Cloud is reliability (built on the basis of a data center with a Tier 3 fault tolerance level) and security (protection against various threats from computer intruders), and also regular fast deployable backups, wich allows you to almost instantly roll back any changes.

The Bank serves a large number of visitors, including online. Maintenance of services 24/7 is an important component of bank's work. And trough the all website migrating process, we paid special attention to creation of uninterrupted operation of services and upgrade of all services to a latest relevant versions. The efficiency and professionalism of our colleagues are marked by thanks letters from management of the MIA Bank.

Before the works, the bank made a large number of tests on our platform, infrastructure and services on it, as well as a number of other important events. After the successful completion of the preliminary work we have started a main part. The result of MIA Bank website transfer on SYncweb Cloud platform became visible immediately and even before the optimization work, which shows the need for timely software updates and keeping it up to date. Additionally, our staff perform optimization of the site and as the result, speed of opening pages was improved to one third of the initial state.

We also conducted an audit of the site and offered options for code improving and code optimizing, improving performance and increasing the security of visitors and internal systems.

Sergey Smirnov

The Syncweb company was leading in the site transfer project. The company tested transfer process on its own and then jointly tested the site's performance on the new platform, and also interaction with external systems.

Employees of the Syncweb company carried out the migration in a clear and timely manner, and with giving recommendations on the settings for improving security, which we have successfully used.

Also noteworthy is the prompt response to requests for hosting technical support and quick resolving of our issues. As a result of this work, the performance of the site has noticeably improved, even without code changing.

It should be noted that the company constantly offers ways to improve the performance of our website and increase information security.

Thanks for working together!

About MIA Bank

AO CB MIA (Moscow Mortgage Agency) is a specialized municipal bank, fully controlled by the government and the Moscow City Property Department. The priority activity of the Bank is the implementation of social mortgage programs of the city of Moscow.