How We Boosted Up the MST Store

It is not a secret that optimization of the online store allows it to load more swiftly, which consequently increases conversion, but not many know how to properly optimize, so we want to share our experience of achieving high performance both in SEO and in the internal optimization of

What we started with:

  • Shared Hosting;
  • Online store with a catalog of 10000 products;
  • Modest optimization indicators;
  • A large flow of traffic.

What we desired to achieve:

  • Properly configured and optimized environment;
  • Fully optimized online store;
  • Even more target traffic.

What we achieved as a result:

  • Configured and optimized environment to meet our requirements;
  • Optimized online store;
  • Simplified indexing and browsing by search robots;
  • DDOS-attack protection;
  • Increased target traffic;
  • Even more sales;
  • Profit.

About Scores

The score and detailed statistics of the online store analysis provided by popular analytics services such as GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed insights.

The first thing we would like to see is the high performance in site analysis service. This is what we got after performing optimization:

Рисунок 1 - Текущие показатели оптимизации

Figure 1 - Current Optimization Indicators

Of course, we still have a lot to work on to achieve the maximum score, but the shown result is already commendable.

Figure 2 - PageSpeedScore Recommendations

Figure 3 - YSlow Score Recommendations

The secret of success

Usually, optimization and acceleration boils down to using gzip page compression, reducing the number of requests to both statics and database. In addition, it is necessary to take time to optimize the internal structure of the online store (for example, catalog of goods, quality of content, etc.).

Our work consisted of the following points:

  • High-quality content;
  • Design optimization (cleaning, optimization and minification of CSS styles and JS scripts);
  • Image compression;
  • Caching;
  • Optimization of database queries, adding key indexes, caching of slow queries;
  • Tracking and sending correct headers for all pages;
  • Loading into memory of commonly used seo-url and other statistical moments such as quantity of goods, etc.;
  • Switch from php5.x to php7;
  • Gzip page compression;
  • Load balancing and traffic distribution;
  • DDOS-attack protection.

Need a website audit?

If your website or online store loads slowly or lags, that means that you lose some of your customers, and therefore some of the profit. In order to understand the reason for the slow operation of the site, as well as to correct all negative factors impeding its normal operation, order a technical audit service at Syncweb.