Optimizing the Kormushka Online Pet Shop. Part 1.

What we started with:

Not so long ago we were contacted by the owner of an online store selling pet food. A quick inspection of the store revealed a number of problems, namely:

  1. The pages load slowly, and the time of web server response is long;
  2. Critical consumption of server resources;
  3. The load is increasing during the visit peaks;
  4. Website pages opening error related to the web server.
Рисунок 1 - Текущие показатели оптимизации

Let's get to work!

The site operates on the 1C-Bitrix platform, and we are experts in the “1C-Bitrix: Site Manager” product, which is confirmed by the LRN-184761-32-660-1664891 certificate.

First of all, we moved the site to our infrastructure, specially configured for 1C-Bitrix, managed by BitrixEnv.

We do optimization and tuning only on our own capacities because we are confident in our hosting and DNS settings, servers' hardware configuration, operating system and web part.

Then, by regular means of 1C-Bitrix and additional utilities, we conducted an initial audit of the code performance and collected monitoring data: the response time of the web server, the number of requests per second to server, CPU load, disk load, MySQL operation, and other data.

At the final stage, we perform the following works:

  1. Setting up and optimizing the 1C-Bitrix engine;
  2. Optimization and compression of graphic elements and other images on the site;
  3. Installing Nginx and passing statics through it;
  4. Configuration of caching requests to the web server;
  5. Optimization and configuration of the database;
  6. Optimization of requests to the database;
  7. Setting up protection against DDOS attacks and spam activity.
Рисунок 1 - Текущие показатели оптимизации

What we achieved

As you can see, the main page size has been reduced from 22.8 MB to 4.5 MB, and the PageSpeed Score has changed from 0% to 32%. The work is not yet completed, these are intermediate results of work, but nevertheless, the front page has become much faster to respond to the visitors' requests, which certainly improved the conversion of online store. Now we are preparing for the second stage of work to achieve target indicators, this article will be supplemented.

Need a website audit?

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