Technical Improvement of the AROMAgroup Website

Some time ago, we have been contacted by AROMAgroup company that engages in a trending and useful business, namely the scents marketing. Besides that, the guys engage in the production of their proprietary equipment and the development of scents. AROMAgroup contacted us so that we would improve their website created using the ready-made solutions based on the Bitrix platform.

Normally, the websites based on the ready-made solutions are very much alike in many ways, and the configurations provided by the developer as a ready-made solution meet not all requirements. When a website is based on a ready-made solution, you will want to make at least some design modifications and improve it to meet your objectives. In this case, you can seek aid from a specialist with knowledge and experience of work with a ready-made code.

AROMAgroup contacted us to carry out the following:

  • Correction of the website URL;
  • Improvement of the website’s looks;
  • Configuration of forms;
  • Change in the data structure.

Correction of the website URL

The first issue that we started to work with was the incorrect website URL. The issue was that the website always opened in the website’s subfolder, such as, for example, At first glance, one could think that the server’s configurations were the problem. However, when it comes to Bitrix, the other thing is the problem.

Bitrix stipulated the technology for the creation of many websites using one Bitrix license: it is the multisite feature. If you develop a website and stipulate the English version of the website, it should open at the links such as and However, if it is a separate website, it should be created and put as a separate website on a separate domain but within the same server.

Hence, our work included the relocation of the website to a new domain within the server, configuration of the multisite feature, and correction of all links of the menu items. In the end, the problem was solved, and the website started working with correct configurations.

Improvement of the website display

The next objective was the improvement of the website design. Back then, when we opened the website we could see that the design included too many indentations, and the objects barely fitted on one screen. This was one of the things in terms of design that required improvements.

The objective was also to:

  • Assemble the menu;
  • Decrease the space between the objects;
  • Correct the display errors;
  • Remove the redundant blocks;
  • Redesign the display of the page containing the detailed list of products, etc.

The improvements have been made for both desktop and mobile versions of the website. In the end, the looks of the website changed: it became more ergonomic and user-friendly.

Configuration of forms

One of the website’s features were the forms put on virtually all pages. The important requirement was to submit the results of the completion of the forms to Bitrix 24 as the new lead assigned to the person responsible for the web page where the form was completed.

The forms were configured and the number of forms increased as compared with what was provided by the ready-made solution. The results of the forms are now submitted to Bitrix24 and assigned to the responsible employees upon creation.

Improvement of the sitemap

The objective for the improvement of the sitemap was to divide one of the website’s sections created using the ready-made solution into various separate sections.

Two of them were created as separate website pages that retained their functions and capabilities of the ready-made solution. The other section was also renamed and configured as required, in the form of a section containing a list of elements.

Consequently, the pages became unique, with their own addresses and names, retained the capabilities and functions for display in the templates of the ready-made solution.

Seek aid from our specialists if you are interested in the improvement of the website based on the ready-made solution. Our employees are experienced in work with ready-made solutions. We put the focus not only on a good result but also on the quality of service.

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