Website for an insurance company

Year of creation: 2019

Task: To create a corporate website for a company that provides P2P insurance.

Website address:

One of our latest projects is a website for a company that provides P2P insurance services. The main idea of this type of insurance is that people organized in thematic groups provide mutual assistance to each other in case of an adverse event. Based on the received data, as well as the customer’s terms of reference, we developed the website structure, as well as a strict and concise design in the corporate colors of the Insango company. One of the main tasks was to the principles of P2P insurance convey to the user. Therefore, the main page and the pages of each of the directions contain a step-by-step explanation of the concept in a simple and understandable language, which undoubtedly helps people to get acquainted with Insango.

The website is divided into four main sections by type of mutual assistance - health, comprehensive insurance, property, and pets. Each section contains several specialized programs that the client can subscribe to. Each program has a detailed description, a work plan, and a list of all the necessary documents for applying. Thus, a potential client of the company receives all the necessary information written in the most understandable language at the initial stage.

Since Insango is actively developing in all regions of Russia, we have made sure that partners and agents also receive all the necessary information about the cooperation. In the future, when new partner programs appear, it will not be difficult for Insango specialists to add them themselves following all the stylistic features of the website.

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