Website for Konvertek Company

Year of creation: 2015

Task: To create a corporate website and online store for an engineering company.

We have developed a corporate website and online store for Konvertek engineering company. The company's clients are large industrial enterprises, developers, and numerous construction companies. For individuals, the company offers modern efficient, and technological solutions for indoor climate in the business segment of residential construction.

Most attention on the corporate website of the Konvertek company is given to two main areas: ventilation and air-conditioning. Each stage, from design to further maintenance, has its own page where the services are described in detail. In addition, Konvertek pays great attention to completed projects. All projects are divided into two main categories: industrial and private. Each object has its own page, which contains a detailed description of all the work performed on the object, as well as photos of the object and project documentation.

In addition to engineering services, the Konvertek company is engaged in the wholesale and retail sales of construction materials. The store is made using a ready-made template with the company's corporate colors. So, all customers contracting for engineering services in the Konvertek company can immediately purchase all the necessary materials for the project, which is very convenient.

The product catalog is divided into categories, and for each category, in turn, a filter is created that allows selecting products by various parameters. Using filters in an online store makes it easier for customers to find the right products, which has a positive effect on conversion. Purchases can be made on Konvertek-Stroy online store both with and without a personal account. The account gives the customer access to their personal cabinet, where they can track the status of their order, use bookmarks, and save the delivery address, which will be automatically filled in for future orders.

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