Website for Krasnogvardeisky Machine-building Plant

Year of creation: 2021

Task: Create a website of the forced draft units production plant.

Websiet address:

Nowadays, pretty much every business has its website on the Internet. It is useful in many ways: the customers can find the website by first words in the search, find the service they need on the website, get to know the business objectives and contact details. So, Krasnogvardeisky Machine-building Plant contacted us and asked us to create a website. The website was created to display the information on the company’s scope of business, nature of operations and contact details with the feedback functionality.

The decision was made to create the website on the 1C Bitrix platform, and intec.prom was selected as the ready-made solution for a quick launch. It is the solution that enables to quickly launch a pretty corporate website of the plant that has many variants of page design and support of the page units dynamic editing functionality without a programmer’s help.

The following main works were performed:

  • Installation and configuration of the website;
  • Installation and configuration of intec.prom solution;
  • Improvement of the website display;
  • Creation of the pages showing the company’s services;
  • Development of the English version of the website.

Installation and configuration of the website

The website was installed, the post-installation audit was carried out to verify that the server’s configuration is compatible with the website, the configuration was carried out, the excessive modules and excessive functionality of the website were disabled, etc.

Installation and configuration of the solution

Intec.prom is a ready-made solution with a wide functionality for industrial websites. The solution has an extensive system of customization of all elements. However, unlike the other similar solutions, it requires a considerable level of training from a programmer, not to mention an ordinary user. During configuration of the solution, the following steps were taken:

  1. The website’s structure was redesigned;
  2. The excess information units were deleted;
  3. The catalogue and the ordering were disabled;
  4. Users authorization functionality;
  5. The demo data of the website and the information of the ready-made solution were deleted.

Improvement of the website display

Although a ready-made solution amounts to a ready-made design that has several selectable templates, such design seldom meets the customer’s requirements in full. Unlike the other solutions, intec.prom has styles of its own, and not in the bootstrap style, like many others. This considerably increases the scope of layout work, which is why the new-version bootstrap library was enabled, and all new units were laid out in the bootstrap styles.

At this stage of works, the design of the pages and units was improved, many units were changed. New information units on the main page were added, etc.

Creation of the pages showing the company’s services

The pages and templates showing the services and information display were developed. We made considerable improvements that enabled us to display a large picture at the header of the website as well as on the main page. In addition, the brief information with the picture next to it was displayed under the header.

Development of the English version of the website

Development of the English version of the website was the last thing, which was done when the whole Russian-version website was ready, and the way to deliver the English version was determined. We used the English version development method that is usually recommended: it is to create a subsection of the website named en going to which one gets to the same website with the same structure but within en folder. It looks like if the user went to a website by the URL

At this point, we faced difficulty delivering the English-version website, because the ready-made solution does not provide for the English version. Fortunately, this does not hinder its adaptation much. In total, we performed the following works:

  • The control elements were translated;
  • All Russian-version information units were repeated in the English version of the website;
  • The forms of communication for the English version of the website were configured;
  • The units displayed on the English version of the website were reconfigured.

The template of the website was adapted in the way that the changes take place on both websites when made by the programmer, but the contents and configuration of the units on the main page remain unique for each website. So, in the future, both websites can be made in different styles and designs.

In total, using the ready-made solution, we created the English version of the KMZ’s website. This solution is perfect for the creation and improvement of the website, but there are also downsides, such as the complexity of its configuration and the absence of the installer for the creation of the English version of the website. By using this solution, you will reduce the time of delivery and launch of the website. However, it will be difficult to deal with this solution without a programmer’s help.