Website for Miaura Specialized Clinic

Year of creation: 2013

Task: To create a website for a specialized veterinary clinic for cats.

Website address:

Syncweb has developed a website for Miaura clinic, which specializes in the treatment of cats. In addition to treating cats, the clinic provides such services as zoo taxi, pharmacy, and food selection. A wide range of services makes Miaura clinic truly unique. Our specialists had a task to create a convenient and modern website for a veterinary clinic. Thanks to the well-designed structure, the user can always get quick access to the necessary information.

In addition to basic information about the clinic, the website has special sections for owners of cats and kittens, which contain useful articles.

The blog of the chief doctor of the clinic is another distinctive feature of the Miaura clinic website.

To save clients' time, as well as for convenience, an appointment can be booked not only via phone but also through a special form on the website.

All registered users of the clinic's website get access to their personal account. This special section contains many useful features that are only available to registered users.

They can leave a request to a clinic specialist, track their status, add photos to their request, and view the history of their requests. Another useful feature is a forum where clinic clients can communicate with each other. Moreover, all registered users have access to a library with articles about cats in their personal account, as well as to a glossary with specialized terms.

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