Website for MST Company

Year of creation: 2017

Task: To create a corporate website and online store for one of the leading solution providers in the Sverdlovsk region.

Not so long ago, we completed work on two projects for the Multisystem Technology (MST) company – the creation of a new corporate website, as well as an online store of banking and network equipment. MST is one of the leading solution providers in the Ural Federal district. The company implements various IT solutions for all business areas. Besides, MST company has a trading division that develops its line of accessories for payment equipment, as well as conducting sales of products on world markets.

For the website to start working, we created a basic structure with information about the company. The only difference, in this case, was the Press center section, which, in addition to the company's news and press releases, contained many technical articles, as well as a section with training videos. Further on, the site structure began to expand due to the section with solutions and cases, thus acquiring a complete appearance. The section with solutions was of particular interest to us since the main idea of the customer was to design each solution in a separate landing page with a unique design.

The decision to create an online store on a separate platform was made after reviewing the company's further strategy, which involves strengthening positions in the sector of specialized equipment sales. For us, this meant that the online store should have a wide range of functionality and, at the same time, be very simple for the user. We have coped with this task. The user can easily filter products by various properties, for example, currency counters are filtered by manufacturer, counting speed, type of detection, loader capacity, and storage capacity. After a detailed study of product groups together with MST company specialists, we created more than 100 different filters in product categories.

However, working out a convenient interface and the necessary functionality is not all that you need to do to launch an online store. One of the main elements of any online store is product cards. Today it is very important to show the product in all its glory. And not just download one picture in poor quality from the Internet but make high-quality photos from different angles. For the initial filing of the MST online store, we took more than a thousand photos of various products. As before, we keep reminding our clients that high-quality content is the key to success, and the object photography service is available to absolutely everyone.

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