Website for СIP System Company

Year of creation: 2017

Task: To create a corporate website of the official distributor of the Bio-Circle company in Russia.

Website address:

We have developed a website for the official Russian distributor of the Bio-Circle company. The German Bio-Circle concern is a manufacturer of unique compounds for cleaning all types of contamination, as well as the production of its line of cleaning equipment. The uniqueness of the Bio-Circle technology is that cleaning is performed using a biological method, a water-based liquid that contains microorganisms. Bio-Circle cleaning products do not contain solvents and other toxic substances, so they are completely eco-friendly.

The design is based on the official Bio-Circle website, but the structure has been optimized and redesigned to meet the customer's needs. The main section of the website is the catalog of Bio-Circle products. All products are divided into categories and have a detailed description. In addition to selling cleaning products and equipment, CIP System company offers a number of services in the field of industrial cleaning, as well as service maintenance of Bio-Circle equipment. Each of the services provided also has its page with a detailed description.

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