Website for Sonville Online Store

Year of creation: 2014

Task: To create a brand and online store for bed linen

Websute address:

Sonville online bed linen store is a project, which we implemented in its entirety. Starting from the terms of reference, ending with the identity and content filling. The work was divided into several large stages because the customer did not have written down requirements for the online store, and also fully relied on our opinion in such matters as choosing a name, selecting a domain, choosing the main range of colors, etc.

Bull's eye!

The name of the online store must be in tune with the interests of future potential customers. It was important to keep the harmony and ease of memorization. Sonville (in Russian “son” means a dream)! There is a legend about the secret magic valley in France called Sonville. Dreams that we see, they are also shrouded in mystery. Not only did we like the name, but the customer approved it without a moment's delay. We checked other technical details, such as similar stores with similar themes, and found none. Next, we registered two different domains and www.сонвилль.рф​

Moving on

We started to develop a logo. According to the idea of our designers, it should reflect warmth and comfort. Bed linen is soft, pleasant to the touch, and slightly cool. We managed to put these feelings exactly into the visual image of the logo.

After checking all the product groups with our customers, we studied the suppliers' prices and started drawing the rest of the graphic elements for the store. Each product category had its own icon drawn.

Graphic elements were also drawn for the Payment Methods and About Store sections.

There were also gift certificates, business cards, and letterheads.

To be technological

One of the factors for the success of an online store is, of course, its functionality, which is presented on the front for the website visitor, as well as its back-office for the convenience of the online store staff.

The functionality implemented in the Sonville store:​

  • Authorization via social networks;
  • Order status information for the customer via SMS;
  • Quick order function;
  • Automatic detection of the buyer's city;
  • Product filter. Convenient product comparison;
  • Gift certificates, you can set your own cost of the certificate;
  • Found cheaper. The ability of the customer to ask for a price reduction if they found it cheaper in another store;
  • Callback. Ability to ask the store to call the customer back;
  • It's cheaper together. Ability to create Product+Product=Discount package offers;
  • If the product is not available, the customer can leave their e-mail to be notified as soon as the product becomes available;
  • Gifts. The ability to give any product as a gift. Let's say a towel is a gift for a certain set of underwear.

What is power?

The power is in the content. After developing the website, we continued to fill it with content. From the very beginning, our content managers filled more than 6000 products during the first 2-3 months of the store's operation. This provided a quick start to the store and the first orders were not long in coming, and together with well-chosen pricing policy, the growth in the number was further on multiplying from month to month. At the same time, we have developed requirements for content filling.

There was an Articles section that covered such topics as proper and healthy sleep, bamboo pillows, and other articles that made it easier to choose products in such a variety of them.

As a result, we have modern and convenient bed linen and home goods store, which provides a wide range of products, and it is easy and convenient to shop in the store.

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