Website for the Germanika-T Company

Year of creation: 2014

Task: To create a corporate website with an online store for a company that sells car service equipment.

Website address:

We have developed a corporate website with an online store for Germanika-T Company. Since 2010, the company has been providing a wide range of high-quality products and services in the fields of automobile equipment and spare parts, power tools, industrial equipment, and system solutions for automating production processes. Special attention is paid to professional diagnostic and lifting equipment for service stations, repair, and inspection of cars, trucks, and buses.

Germanika-T is very sensitive to its image. Therefore, before developing a website, the company developed a brand book, according to which the corporate website was developed. In addition to the product catalog, much emphasis is placed on the coverage of the company's activities. For example, in the About section, visitors can find the latest news, view certificates, official partners, and learn more about the company itself. A separate section has also been created for customers, where they can become acquainted with the service policy, learn about additional services, and submit a request.

The most important section of the Germanika-T website is the online store. The store contains five large sections, which in turn are divided into many subcategories. You can find the necessary product in the catalog using an intelligent search system. Just start typing in the product name and the system will immediately offer several suitable options. Each product in the catalog has its own page where the price, description, and characteristics are specified. The user can register in the personal account of the online store and view the history of their orders.

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