Website for the JoinPAY Finthech Platform

Tear of creation: 2020

Task: To develop a corporate website for the Fintech Platform.

Website address:

Syncweb company has completed the creation of a website for the Fintech Platform JoinPAY. In March 2020, the developer of JoinPAY, the MST company, rebranded and rethought the platform on a large scale. In this connection, there was a need to convey correctly, and in simple words a large amount of complex information.

After a detailed discussion, we decided to divide all information about the platform into three main sections, as well as prepare a separate section about the company. Thus, we have achieved a clear and logical structure that allows you to get all the necessary information about any product or solution based on JoinPAY in a maximum of two clicks.

The website design of the Fintech Platform JoinPAY is developed in a strict but modern style. The main graphic element is the sphere. In the concept of spheres, we primarily invested in the versatility of the service, its applicability in a variety of business areas. Colored spheres represent the internal elements of the platform, they are present on absolutely every graphic image.

After publishing the website on the Syncweb Cloud VPS server, our specialists installed an SSL certificate and set up a daily backup. Also, just a week later, the Russian-language version of JoinPAY was launched (, designed for the foreign market.

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