Website for the Ural Aikido Federation

Year of creation: 2018

Task: To create a website for an organization that promotes Aikido as a martial art in the Sverdlovsk region.

Website address:

Another client who used the website for business service was the Sverdlovsk regional style Federation of Universal Aikido public organization. The organization was established in 2011 to promote and develop Aikido as a type of martial art in the Sverdlovsk region. Classes of the Sverdlovsk regional style Federation of Universal Aikido organization are held for students of all ages.

The structure of the website was laid out in the most efficient manner. It allows to quickly find information about age groups, as well as training programs and gym addresses. The leaders of the organization are very sensitive to their work, and try not just to teach the discipline, but also to convey the aesthetics of the Aikido style. Therefore, we have provided a section on the website, which contains articles about all aspects of training, as well as makes it clear what exactly awaits students who want to come to the tatami for the first time.

In the technical plan, all the customer's wishes were taken into account, such as adaptive layout, maps of how to get to the gyms, as well as an entry form for those who want to sign up for a free trial training or become a permanent student. For better website indexing, we performed initial search optimization, and also installed an SSL certificate, which is necessary for absolutely any website.