Website for Voshod Car Service

Year of creation: 2014

Taskа: To create a corporate website for a car service.

Website address:

Voshod car service is engaged in complex repair of domestically and foreign-manufactured cars. The company needed an inexpensive car service website with a detailed description of all services. Template solutions are excellent for low-cost websites. Using ready-made templates can significantly reduce the cost of creating a website. The site has a classic template project structure, which includes the main page with a brief description of all sections, a page dedicated to the car service, a large section of services, a news section, and a page with contact information.

Since the car service provides a large number of services, the main attention was paid to the section with services. In total, the section is divided into 6 main services: Locksmithing, Bodywork, Painting, Glass Repair, Express Repair, Car Parts. Each service contains several more subsections. Car service customers see all the services in the menu at once in the form of an expanded list, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

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