Website for Yuzhniy Bereg Management Company

Year of creation: 2011

Task: To create a website for the management company.

The main task set for the Syncweb team was to significantly rework the design, creating an easy and understandable structure for information support of apartment building owners.

Our designers have significantly improved the appearance and functionality of the website. A well-thought-out structure allows visitors to easily find all the information they are interested in.

Based on the customer's wishes, a special place was given to the design. As a result, a strict, but at the same time, stylish design that fully reflects the specifics of the company's activities was created. For the convenience of website visitors, a Frequently

Asked Questions section, which contains questions from owners of apartment buildings, was added. The reconstruction of the Yuzhniy Bereg LLC Management Company was only the first stage of cooperation between Syncweb and Yuzhniy Bereg Management Company.

Now work on the project has moved into the second stage:

To decrease workload the dispatcher and further develop remote channels of interaction with apartment building owners, work is underway to create a form for registering utility meter readings, followed by automatic uploading of their data to 1C.

After analyzing the questions received by the company, a huge number of them related to the calculation of utilities were revealed. Therefore, it was decided to create a housing and utilities calculator, in accordance with the new Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

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