Bitrix database connection settings

Depending on the Bitrix version, namely the kernel used, the database connection information is contained in different files.

Bitrix with new D7 core

Starting from the “1C-Bitrix: Site Manager 14.0” version, the database settings are stored in the /bitrix/.settings.php file in the “connections” section

'connections' => array (

'value' => array (

'default' => array (

'className' => '\Bitrix\Main\DB\MysqlConnection',

'host' => 'localhost',

'database' => 'admin_bus', // database name

'login' => 'admin_bus', // database user name

'password' => 'admin_bus', // user password

'options' => 2,

Bitrix with old core

In the root directory of your site, find the /bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php file and find these lines:

$DBLogin = "u1234567_dbuser";

$DBPassword = "password";

$DBName = "u1234567_database";