Basic rules of hosting

In order to provide quality services and maintain stability of hosting, it is prohibited to host:

  • Websites containing pornography and other materials (including links to them) that violate the law and/or infringe copyright.
  • Sites dedicated to hacking, phishing, etc. (we advise you to contact us to clarify if the content for your website is prohibited, as it may be accepted).
  • Torrent clients, torrent programs, and also to host torrent trackers.
  • Online casino websites and any websites of gambling business.
  • Anything pharmaceutical is also prohibited.
  • Warez-sites, websites of similar content and any links to programs, if the client is not a rightful copyright holder.
  • It is forbidden to publish or distribute any information or software that contains computer viruses or other components of similar nature.
  • It is forbidden to run daemons (resident programs), IRC-bots on a web server, as well as to initiate any processes, which uses more than 256 MB of system RAM or more than 100 seconds of CPU time and more than 7% of all available system resources at any given time.
  • It is forbidden to run programs, applications, scripts, etc., as well as settings of a similar nature, the purpose of which is to attack servers, pick passwords, scan networks. Any activity to cause damage to third parties and intellectual property is prohibited.

Your site/server will be immediately blocked if:

  • You will be caught in sending spam, i.e. unauthorized sending of e-mails to people, including sending spam through other servers with advertising of your website, hosted on
  • Your website contains information that violates the law of the Russian Federation;
  • Pornography or adult content is detected on your site.