Work via FTP with FileZilla

In this article, we will discuss how to configure FTP connection via the free and popular Filezilla FTP client. First you need to download the FTP client itself from the developer's website. It is completely free, and also has a good set of documentation.

Let's start setting up the connection to FTP server in Filezilla:

Open “File -> Site Manager” or press Ctrl+S. In the window that appears, click the “New Site” button:

Now you need to specify the name of the connection (any connection which is convenient for you), in our example it is the name given by default “New site”. On the right side, you must specify parameters for server access.

These parameters have been sent to you via e-mail, when you activated the hosting. You can see the server name in the Control Panel on the main page on the right.

To connect, you can also specify the name of your site, if it is delegated to our DNS.

Do not forget to specify all the information:

  • Host -, or if the domain is delegated to our DNS
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption - Require FTP over TLS (explicit)
  • Login type - Normal
  • User - Specify your login
  • Password - Specify your password

After entering all the details, click “Connect”. You will connect to the FTP server. Next time to connect you will no longer need to enter any details. It is enough to select the desired connection from the list:

Now you know how you can connect to our FTP server using the FileZilla client.

We hope that you will quickly learn how to work with it.