Work via FTP with WinSCP

In this article, we will discuss how to configure FTP connection with a free FTP client for Windows operating system — WinSCP. First you need to download the FTP client itself from the developer's website. It is completely free, and also has a good set of documentation.

When the FTP client starts, a window with a list of connections and a form for adding a new connection will be opened:

Field description:

  • Transfer Protocol: FTP (mandatory);
  • Encryption: Explicit TLS/SSL encryption;
  • Host name - depending on the server used (specified in the e-mail after activation of the service), in our case:;
  • Port — 21 (mandatory);
  • Username — FTP user name, in our case: test;
  • Password — password for the FTP user.

After entering the correct data, you need to press the Save button, after which the following window will pop up:

In this window you can set password memorization if required (but it is not recommended for security reasons).

Click OK, after which the newly created connection appears in the list of connections, in the left part of the window:

Select the connection on the left side of the window and click the Log in button, if all the information was entered correctly, then you will successfully connect to FTP.

Now you know how to connect to our FTP server using the WinSCP client.