Confirmation of the legitimacy of mailings

One of our priority areas is the fight against SPAM activity of our users. Yes, such things happen. Some users register only for mass SPAM mailings.

Therefore, any mass mailing is automatically limited - 1 connection on port 25 per ten minutes. In order to send mail without restrictions, you need to apply to be whitelisted. Mass mailings are allowed and whitelisted only on servers with KVM virtualization.

Internet projects actively use emailings to communicate with customers.

Mailing can be divided into 3 main types:

  • Advertising and information, based on the database of verified addresses;
  • Automatic: registration, placing an order, changing the status of the order;
  • Mass spam mailing — emails sent without the consent of their receiver.

Mail services actively struggle against it, they blacklist IP addresses of sending servers. Mail from such addresses never arrive to mailboxes again, but is deleted immediately.

We make sure that our clients do not send spam. For this purpose there are restrictions - 1 connection on port 25 per ten minutes. But if in this case we detect sending of spam emails, then we will immediately and completely block the IP address of the server.