Setting up a mailbox in Microsoft Outlook

In the opened window click on the “Create” button.

In the opened window click “Next —>”

Then check the “Configure server parameters manually or additional server types” box and click “Next —>”

Next, select the “Internet E-mail” item

At the next step, you must specify all mailbox data - incoming and outgoing mail servers, login, password, etc.

User Information:

  • Name Field - enter your name, for example Ivanov Ivan.
  • E-mail Address field - enter the name of the mailbox that you create, for example Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.

Server Information:

It is recommended to use a host address as an incoming and outgoing mail server, in our case:

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP) - enter
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - enter

In order to determine the address of your host machine you need to go to Billing, in the “Products/services” section select your domain and click go. In the domain control panel in the “Main” section select “Domain names”, then select your domain name and click on the “Records” button. Here you can see the same address of the host machine.

Login to the system

  • User - You must use a full mailbox with a domain as the user name, Outlook by default prompts you to use only the name, and in the "Account" field, you must append In the given picture, we append to the name test and enter the password in the appropriate field.
  • Password - come up with the password for your future mailbox and enter it.

Activating SMTP authorization for a mail record

Next, you must enable SMTP authorization to send e-mails. After filling in all the information about the account, click on the “Other settings” button (see screenshot above).

In the "Outgoing mail server" tab, tick the “SMTP server requires authentication” checkbox. The setting for this option can be left by default (“Similar to incoming mail server”):

Configuring ports to connect to the server

Next, we need to configure the required ports for POP3 and SMTP server. To do this, go to the “Advanced” tab. Next, select the Auto encryption type for IMAP and SMTP servers. Then assign the ports. IMAP has port 143 and SMTP has port 25.

Click OK and finish working with the wizard.