SSL certificate review from the Cultura Vision company

Cloud provider provided a service for issuing the Comodo PositiveSSL wildcard SSL certificate for the domain where the Cultura Vision online store is located.

We deliberately chose an expensive and reliable SSL certificate that has the following characteristics:

  • Unified certificate for electronic communications;
  • Encryption: The SSL certificate supports 256-bit encryption and is signed with a 2048-bit signature;
  • The ability to reissue the certificate without charging an additional fee, for the duration of the SSL certificate;
  • Compatibility with browsers and email clients: The highest (certificates are compatible with at least 98.9% of modern user browsers, mobile operating systems, and E-mail clients);
  • Availability of technical support;
  • Ability to check the list of revoked certificates;
  • The level of validation:
  • Organization Validation – OV;
  • Designed specifically for subdomains;
  • The certificate is valid for 1 year.

The guarantee amount for this certificate is $ 250,000, which is the amount that the end user of our site will receive if they suffer losses due to the fault of the certification authority.

We chose as a partner for the issue of an SSL certificate, based on the company's extensive experience in this area, we were very satisfied with our partnership. All work was carried out in exactly the specified time, and our site is now firmly secured with an SSL certificate.

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