VPS Hosting Review from Aero Trade Company

«Aero Trade» Company launched its website www.dutyfreerus.ru in 2020. We did our best to make, within the minimum time, digital stories with pre-order of meals, through our website. In the future, we plan to explode the range of services, to give the airlines something that no other catering operator can give. It is what we are currently the most focused on.

To do this, we had to choose a reliable partner who would ensure the reliable operation of the web resource using its computing power. We decided in favor of the «Syncweb» cloud provider, due to several factors:

  1. We already cooperate with «MST group» in payments acceptance on the aircraft, and we are completely satisfied with the service;
  2. The provider has profound competencies in some products of «1C Bitrix», which is the platform that our website works on;
  3. Reviews from major renowned companies.

I recommend «Syncweb» for the top-level service that it provides! We have been using its services for over a year, and I can only think of a positive experience from this cooperation.

About the company:

For 20 years already, «Aero Trade» Company has been providing you services during your flights to any place of the world on the aircraft of the best airlines and complementing your flights with international-quality services. Careful and quality provision of services and a personalized approach to each customer have been our hallmarks for all the years of our successful work.

Over the last 20 years of work, we achieved considerable results in duty-free trade:

  • cooperation with 11 Russian airlines;
  • stores in the international area of the Russian airports: Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Ulan-Ude, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Tyumen;
  • a store in the international arrivals area of Roshchino Airport in the city of Tyumen;
  • over 3,000 products of the most famous world brands.

Our company provides the full range of duty-free trade market services in Russia:

  • trade in duty-free products on board of line aircraft, including both regular and charter flights duty-free stores in 5 Russian airports;
  • online store of duty-free products with delivery on board of a line aircraft;
  • provision of services to the airlines.

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