VPS Hosting Review from Benzuber

LLC TD SMART-TECHNOLOGIES is the developer of the innovative service BENZUBER, which allows you to fill up your car without leaving the car, without contacting the gas station ticket office, through the mobile APP BENZUBER.

At the moment, more than 4,000 gas stations are connected to the service only in Russia. There are active connections in neighboring countries. Every day, we process hundreds of thousands of payment transactions and even more requests to our infrastructure. The service was originally designed with fault tolerance and disaster tolerance in mind. To do this, we host the virtual infrastructure with several cloud providers. One of them is Syncweb.

Syncweb fully meets the SLA stated concerning infrastructure availability. I recommend Syncweb as a reliable Сloud Service Provider for those who are critical to the availability of their own services.


BENZUBER is the first mobile service for motorists that allows you to fill up your car without leaving it. You can use it to pay for fuel from your smartphone, without contacting the gas station checkout. The service works both for individuals and as a digital platform for organizing non-product support for SMEs.

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