VPS Hosting Review from CityNet

CityNet LLC manufactures Micro SV.5 routers and some additional telecommunication equipment. The routers are used in the video surveillance systems, the arrangement of communication channels for remote offices and are installed in ATMs and payment terminals.

Since the Company has installed tens of thousands of devices, it is necessary to ensure monitoring and remote change of configurations or updating of the equipment software.

For deployment of the Complex Integration Solution (CIS) infrastructure, we have chosen Syncweb cloud provider as the partner. We have been using the fail-safe virtual servers for over three years already and we can say positively that the quality of the service provided is high and fully meets our expectations.


CityNet LLC is a systems integrator conducting activities in banking terminals equipment technologies, arrangement and maintenance of the networks of ATMs, kiosks, payment terminals, parking meters and video recorders using the CITYNET technology. The timeline of the company’s successful business (over 20 years) is defined by the company’s unique staff and intellectual resources, the experience gained, and the use of the company’s high-power and smart communications and payments technologies.

We maintain the guarantees of stability provided both to our customers and our employees and bear responsibility for the quality of our products and services, for the fulfillment of our obligations, ensure openness and maximum transparency of all types of relations at all levels of cooperation.

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