Review of Website Creation from Insango Company

We contacted Syncweb in January 2019 to develop a logo and create a new website for the Insango p2p insurance service. Previously, we have already worked with Syncweb in the field of hosting services and domain registration. Therefore, from the very beginning, we were confident in the choice of the provider.

After a long joint discussion, we approved the concept and structure of the new website. The developers approached the project with full responsibility, showing professionalism, and the ability to solve all the tasks. After almost two months, all the work was completed, and we got a modern website with a mobile layout, as well as a new logo. We were very happy with the result, which exceeded our expectations.

Based on the results of cooperation between our companies, we express our gratitude to the entire Syncweb team and wish them professional success and achievement of new professional heights.

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