1C-Bitrix: Marketplace

The majority of the websites on the Internet are custom-made, i.e., they are created to meet the customer’s requirements and wishes. However, many customers do not like such an approach, because the development is a responsible job requiring much time, and it is risky. To avoid this, customers prefer out-of-the-box solutions.

Just like many CMSs, Bitrix has the Marketplace, its own centralized platform presenting the out-of-the-box solutions. Thanks to it, not only the developers can offer their solutions to the customers but also share their results with the other developers.

In this article, we will tell you about the Marketplace of Bitrix: what it is and how to choose an out-of-the-box solution at minimum risk.

Marketplace catalogue of solutions

Marketplace catalogue of solutions is built-in functionality of Bitrix thanks to which you can download and install any solution on your website. The Marketplace has no limits: it works on any edition of Bitrix. However, if a license is inactive, you will not be able to download a new solution and to update an old one.

The Marketplace is available in the administration panel of Bitrix on the Marketplace / Catalogue of solutions page

On this page, you will be able to easily find a suitable solution, to familiarize with it in detail and to install it on your website.

The Marketplace catalogue is also available at www.marketplace.1c-bitrix.ru (not inside the Bitrix CMS). You will find there all solutions officially checked by Bitrix that are available for installation on a website.

Unlike the Marketplace in Bitrix, you can find more detailed technical specifications on the website, read comments, discussions with the developers, and understand what a solution is like.

What you can find in the marketplace?

Marketplace solutions have the form of a module that is downloadable and installable on a website using the tools of Bitrix. This can be a module that expands the capabilities of the Bitrix system (delivery service, payment system) or an installer module that creates an out-of-the-box website.

Any solution in the marketplace can be found in a relevant category.

There are the following categories:

  • Out-of-the-box online stores.
  • Out-of-the-box websites.
  • For online stores.
  • Customers support.
  • Marketing, advertising.
  • Integrations.
  • Tools.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Solutions for Bitrix24.

The out-of-the-box websites and online stores from this list are the modules that automatically create the needed sections of a website, use an out-of-the-box design and configure your website for the quick start of your project. The other categories include the modules for expansion of the capabilities of the system, the online store and the other tools for work with Bitrix.

Apart from division into categories, there are free and paid modules. In the case of the paid solutions, a demo period during which it can be used for free is sometimes provided. In other cases, to test the paid modules, the developers provide a demo access to a website where it is installed. Hence, you can familiarize yourself with a solution before the purchase.

How to choose a solution?

We recommend you to take your time before the purchase, and to be more careful with the selection of a module. You should scrutinize the developers, their expertise and responsiveness, look through the technical capabilities and the module’s compatibility with your website. There are other criteria for the selection of a suitable solution that allow for avoiding troubles during its use.

Besides, there are fairly old modules in the Marketplace that are outdated and that the developers do not support anymore. Instead of acquiring something old, it is better to acquire a new and reliable solution.

We offer the following recommendations for the selection of an out-of-the-box solution:

1. Scrutinize the developer. See what the developer is specialized in, look through its portfolio and other works. It is important to understand that a developer provides technical support and can give advice.

2. Look through the technical specifications in the Description tab.

  • See how many times the module has been installed, what technologies are supported in it, whether it meets the requirements or not.
  • Pay attention to the date of publication and update. The longer the solution has not been updated, the more the probability that it will not run properly.
  • Make sure that a solution suits the edition of Bitrix. The Suitable Editions line contains the information on the supported editions.

3. Look through the comments in the Discussions and Comments tabs. Based on the rating and the reviews from the users, you will get to understand what a solution is like, how often the errors occur, and how the developer responds.

4. Install a demo version on your website and test how the solution runs. This step will give an understanding that it works properly and meets the requirements at hand. If there is no demo version, you can try to request demo access from the developer.

5. See if the documents and the instructions are available. Usually, the documents are in the Support tab. If the solution is simple, the documents are not required, and the developer designates its contact data for feedback.

Those recommendations will increase your chances to choose a decent out-of-the-box solution. The criteria of a good and suitable solution include fast and responsive technical support, an adequate developer that is committed to its work, the use of the up-to-date technologies, regular updates and other equally important facts.


Creation and launch of a website using an out-of-the-box 1C-Bitrix: Marketplace solution is, on the one hand, a simple task, because it takes fewer resources. On the other hand, the follow-up and configuration of a solution may be needed. It depends on the requirements and on the module itself. Therefore, when making your choice, more time has to be spent for the search to avoid components incompatibility issues, absence of technical support, etc. The best case is when an out-of-the-box solution is provided along with demo access, which can be installed for a trial period, and you can make sure that it works properly.

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