Creating Sites on 1C Bitrix

Syncweb hosting provider offers services for creating websites, online stores, and corporate portals on the 1C Bitrix platform. For more than 12 years we have been developing websites of various complexity: business card sites, online stores, and customized complex services. Since 2014, we have been working on technical support and promotion of sites on Bitrix.

When communicating with customers in the process of creating a technical task, we are often asked why we recommend a particular platform for further development. Therefore, we decided to write a series of small articles about various CMS and tell about each of them. Today we will talk about 1C-Bitrix.

Why choose 1C Bitrix

1C Bitrix CMS was created in 2000. At first, it was primarily a management system for online stores. With the development and improvement of the platform, it has become the basis for sites of any complexity. The management system is a complete solution with an extensive set of tools for site administration and support.


  • The platform is suitable for projects of any complexity: from a business card site to a major portal;
  • It has reliable protection against hacking;
  • Guarantees trouble-free, reliable operation and high performance;
  • The flexibility of the system allows you to structure even the most complex data set. The CMS structural unit called information block is used for this;
  • Bitrix has a built-in solution catalog — MarketPlace, through which you can install additional solutions without the help of a programmer. MarketPlace provides both paid and free solutions;
  • Integration of accounting systems with the site is easily configured. You can configure the integration of payment systems and delivery services;
  • Working with the site is simple and does not require a lot of time for training. It is enough for staff to take free courses on the official website for familiarizing themselves with the platform;
  • The platform is constantly updated and improved, and new functionality is added.


  • A license is purchased for a year to operate the CMS, and it is renewed every year. If you can't pay every year, the platform won't stop working, but you will stop getting updates and the ability to download modules from the MarketPlace;
  • The management system requires hosting with extensive features and good performance. As a recommended hosting provider by Bitrix, we offer a specialized line of tariffs at competitive prices.

What we are developing

  • Online business cards;
  • Online catalogs of products and services;
  • Corporate sites;
  • Personal accounts;
  • Online stores;
  • Integrations.

How we work

  1. Analytics. We get to know your company, as well as products and services. To create a quality product, we need to know what our customer does and how he/she does it. Next, we evaluate the market and competitors.
  2. Technical specification. The terms of reference describe in detail the functionality of the site and its content. We study the technical task of the client or develop it ourselves.
  3. Preparatory work. Selecting the necessary edition of 1C-Bitrix: Site management. After the purchase, you get a few months of hosting as a gift. We select and register domains, and then proceed to the development of the site.
  4. Development. We develop the site design, create an adaptive layout of the site, as well as programming the functionality.
  5. Testing and filling. We perform testing and correction of errors made during the development process. Filling the website and product catalog.

When the site is ready, you can place it on our hosting and contact us for additional services to promote and support the site on Bitrix.

Our advantages

  • Syncweb is a certified partner of Bitrix. This status confirms that we have the experience to provide professional services.
  • Our services include: license acquisition, development, maintenance, support, and hosting for your project.
  • We have fifteen years of experience in the market of developing websites and Internet projects.
  • The work is carried out according to our well-established system with the use of modern work methodologies, which allow to clearly observe the set deadlines.
  • We love to develop and grow, so we are ready to take on even the most daring and complex projects for your business.
  • The final result is important for us as much as it is important for you. Thanks to the individual approach to development, the entire development process is transparent and understandable.

Prices and terms for website development

The cost of developing a site depends on the requirements and complexity of the features that will be created. Submit your requirements in the form below and we will evaluate the site creation and development time. If you want to use a ready-made solution or you have a ready-made design and layout, we can use them.

How to order a website on Bitrix

If you need to develop a website for 1C Bitrix, send your request using the form below. Our specialists will contact and consult you for free on any questions.

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