Does the Bitrix license have to be renewed?

If you purchase an out-of-the-box website or a website development on the CMS of 1C Bitrix: «Site Management from the contractors, a year later you will most likely be surprised when the following scary notification pops out in your administration panel:

1C Bitrix: «Site Management» is a fee-based platform, and the license use policy is not how the owners picture it to themselves. In this article, we will tell you what the Bitrix license is like, why it has to be renewed, why it is important and what will happen if it is not renewed.

Bitrix license

From a legal standpoint, the CMS Bitrix license includes two licenses: the standard and the limited.

The standard license enables to use the product without limitations but also without some options provided by the limited license. You purchase it once for all time.

The limited license enables you to use the advanced Bitrix services, download updates, download solutions from the Marketplace and use other features that we will consider hereafter in more detail. You purchase such license for one year.

Therefore, if your license expires, nothing bad will happen, and your website will not stop working. However, some functionality of Bitrix will become unavailable.

What license renewal provides

Renewal of 1C Bitrix: «Site Management» license mainly enables the following options:

  • Access to the Bitrix updates.
    You will be able to download and install platform updates. The Bitrix updates are very frequent, the project develops, and new options are added. The work and applicability of the other modules of the platform depend on the updates. This is why the updates are a vitally important option provided by the platform.
  • Access to the Marketplace.
    You can download and install the updates for Marketplace solutions. It should be noted that the solution activation key purchased through the Marketplace has also its validity term. The module will not stop working when it expires, but the updates will no longer be available.
  • Access to the Bitrix cloud services.
    This may include the use of CDN, DDoS protection, websites inspector, the option to upload the backup copies to the cloud, etc. All those options cannot keep on working without renewal.
  • Safety of the project.
    Also, some safety functionality cannot work with an expired license. For example, the proactive scanner will not generate a complete safety report.
  • Priority customer support.
    Another feature that you receive is precedence over all users in terms of addressing the appeals to the technical support of Bitrix. At average, it takes one day for the technical support to respond, and 1 to 3 days in case of the ordinary priority level.

Of those items, the important ones are the Bitrix updates. The point is that without the updates the website will soon become outdated and lose the edge over the competition. Another important item is the Marketplace. Without it, you will not be able to install extensions and update them.

What will happen if you do not renew Bitrix

The license key should be renewed in time because you can renew the license during the grace period and save money.

Without renewal, the website will gradually become outdated, and the more time passes since the latest update, the more difficult the updating and conversion of the website will be.

Another argument for the timely updating of the license is the emergence of new technologies. In time, the technologies used by the platform become outdated, and some become out of use at all. At this rate, a website that has not renewed the license for several years will stop working properly or will stop opening in the browser at all.

Bitrix renewal options

The privileged renewal option: when the license expires or becomes close to expiring, you will see the notification in the administration panel about the option to renew the license at the price of 22% of the price of the license 30 days before its expiration and for a month after the expiration.

The standard renewal option will pop out 30 days after the license expiration. The price of such renewal will be 60% of the price of the license itself.


Should the license be renewed? The answer is yes, definitely. An active license of 1С Bitrix: «Site management» provides some advantages. At this rate, you will keep the website up-to-date, you will be able to use the latest releases of Bitrix and the basic options.

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