How to Create a Working Content Marketing Strategy

Almost all CEOs are aware that it is necessary to write interesting articles, shoot videos and do photo sessions to promote your company on the Internet. But for some reason, some companies have a full house of visitors on their websites, in blogs, with brisk sales, and other projects simply feel like spam. They offer many articles, but no one is interested in them, no one reads them.

No matter what specific platforms and promotion channels you choose, content will always be the king of the Internet. It plays a huge role in the successful SEO promotion of the website, as well as in direct interaction with readers. That is why many companies (and your competitors too!) invest in the creation of so-called selling content.

Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs understand content marketing only as occasional blog posting with rare communication in social networks. But creating quality content goes far beyond this activity. There are several signs of an effective promotion strategy with articles, posts and video reports that will surely work.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Professional publishers maintain an editorial calendar in which the publication of articles is scheduled for weeks and months ahead. Your company will need such calendar. You will have to choose the type of categories and frequency of article publication.

On weekdays, it is worth publishing articles on ordinary things, and on weekends, it is worth noting how your company or industry spends free days. Weekend content should be relevant to your industry. You should not post it if you have nothing to tell. Sometimes it is acceptable to make content humorous or entertaining, but it depends on the sphere of your business.

The calendar should have unoccupied publication dates for breaking news of the industry. Or you will have to use dynamic planning to respond to unpredictable events and trends in the information space.

In the schedule, you need to mark the time and platform for publications. Peak activity hours vary on different platforms. It is desirable to consider them to get maximum coverage.

Conduct research

When you plan specific categories and headlines, you need to understand what your audience already likes to talk about. This is impossible without a thorough study of its interests.

You will have to start by reading existing blogs and groups where you can look for trending discussion lines. If you do not use these topics of interest, the marketing strategy will lead nowhere. Content should be based on the public interest, not on the preferences of managers or individual employees.

Focus on the hottest, most frequently discussed issues. This way you will be able to create articles that will involve people in such discussions.

Use multiple platforms

The Internet is evolving rapidly, changing dramatically. Platforms that were popular five years ago are dying, they are replaced by new ones. Considering this, it is impracticle to use a single channel of information. That way you will miss the potential audience in different social networks. Include as many platforms as possible in your distribution plan for announcements and articles that are appropriate for your audience. It may be necessary to create a different format of posts and messages for each platform.

Some networks require a short presentation of the topic (i.e. Instagram, Twitter), in others people are willing to read long texts (i.e. Facebook). Somewhere videos go better, in other places people are more willing to read articles than to watch clips. Consider this in your planning.

Use keywords

For the website, the keywords that are used by visitors for search engines are mandatory. This way, it will be easier to find it via search engines, such as Google or Yahoo.

Of course, you should not abuse them: the user should desire to read the entire article that they have found. You don't write just for the sake of writing, you do it for readers, for people. Nevertheless, do not forget that if there are no keywords in the text, the website will be difficult to find.

The same goes for the blog. If your website is poorly optimized, but the articles, contain important keywords, quoting on social networks will improve the visibility of the text. Perhaps it will be easier to find it on Instagram than on your website, but it will still attract interested buyers to you.

Knowing what your potential customers want to see and read, knowing where they will look for that content, and using what queries they will use, you can create a content strategy that will work for sure. No matter how brilliant your articles may be, it is necessary to make efforts to ensure that those who need them can find them without much difficulty.

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