DDoS protection service available now

We offer a powerful protection against DDoS attacks on the software-hardware complex ARBOR PEAKFLOW SP. This solution is designed for global analysis and visualization of traffic, as well as ensuring the security and availability of the entire network associated with protection against distributed attacks (DDoS).

In the absence of threats, the equipment is monitors situation, and in case of any attack it can redirect traffic into a «black hole», generate ACL for routers (uplinks or boarders) to block parasitic traffic or distribute these ACLs automatically to boarders using the FlowSpec protocol.

Methods for detecting and repelling attacks

  • Protection on IP level
  • Blocking of known attacking hosts
  • Blocking of application-level malicious code (exploits)
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Protecting DNS service from botnets
  • Protecting critical VOIP services
  • Botnet control

DDoS protection service