Syncweb Unveils Striking Website for Mokodo

In a recent milestone, we completed the initial phase of developing the Mokodo website. “Kodo” in Japanese translates to the "art of incense composition." Thus, Mokodo is an amalgamation of “Magic of Kodo” representing the mystical essence of crafting aromas. The online store provides a comprehensive range of products for individuals keen on concocting their own aromatic creations.

To fast-track the project launch and trim development time, we used the pre-built Aspro MAX solution for the website. Our initial phase involved configuring the server, setting up the Bitrix CMS, installing the solution, and creating all necessary sections with their operational logic.

Notably, Mokodo's future development extends beyond a standard online store. Subsequent phases will introduce a comprehensive partner portal, a forum, and an advanced referral system featuring personalized product recommendations.

Интернет-магазин Мокодо в нашем портфолио