Syncweb Created the Online Store for Germanika-T Company

Starting from the year 2021, the online commerce market has grown by 44%, and this trend is picking up. Therefore, many companies give up on the previous, outdated and antiquated websites and create new resources with the capacity to effectively sell goods online.

This was the task set before Syncweb by Germanika-T, a car service centers equipment selling company and its long-term customer. Not only did we have to update the previous website, but also to create a full-featured and state-of-the-art online store with the option to independently manage the content. While in the previous edition the products catalogue was just a part (though the main part) of the website, in the new edition everything is focused on the customers’ ability to purchase goods quickly and without issues, staying in the office chair. website was created on the 1C Bitrix platform, which long since proved to be a scalable and reliable CMS for the building of any online store regardless of its complexity. We also decided to use the Aspro: Next ready-made solution which reduces the time of the website implementation, has wide optimization capabilities and enables to modify the functionality to meet a specific company’s needs.

In the case of Germanika-T, we had to improve the website display and the ordering methods, and also to create a mechanism for regular updating of the store’s currencies. An agent was developed specifically for the customer that updates the exchange rates daily using the information from the website of the Central Bank of Russia. Thanks to this, the prices on the website are converted automatically at the new exchange rate daily and at a set time.

The specialists of Syncweb redesigned the structure of the ready-made website: arranged the sections to meet the customer’s needs, added new pages, reconfigured the display of the menu. The excessive structures and units containing unnecessary information were also deleted. Transfer of the information from the previous website was one of the important stages of the work. To do this, we had to improve the page templates, update the data on the products and other data.

The ordering mechanism was also modified. The traditional solution was improved so that it does not recount the cost of delivery automatically, and the payment system implies sending of the payment slip by the store manager.

In addition, when we were working on this section, we took into account that the customers of the online store of Germanika-T are both legal entities and individuals. Therefore, purchasers of any type have their own specific set of fields during the ordering.

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