New ISPmanager 6 Hosting Control Panel

Due to emergence of the new ISPmanager 6 version and gradual termination of support of the old versions, ISPmanager 5 is no longer available. The upgrading to version 6 will occur automatically on the virtual hosting. On the dedicated server, you can acquire a new version after expiry of the valid license to ISPmanager 5.

What’s new

The key changes of ISPmanager 6 is optimization of the interface, updating of rate schedules and limitation of the number of websites.

The user interface is changed

Compared to the previous theme, the interface of the control panel became user-friendly, which makes the work of both the beginners and the advanced users easier. The pop-up tips are also added.

The user menu is changed

The menu structure is changed: all the main options are moved to the first level of the menu. Thanks to that, the menu became less charged than it was in ISPmanager 5.

PHP for each website

In ISPmanager 5, you could only select the configured PHP version or the one common to the server when creating a website. In the new version of the panel, you can select any version in PHP-FPM mode when creating a website.

Rate limitations

The rate schedules changed in terms of the number of websites:

ISPmanager 6 Lite license — up to 10 websites.

ISPmanager 6 Pro license — up to 50 websites.

ISPmanager 6 Host license — there are no limitations to the number of websites.

Immediate upgrades

In the immediate upgrades, the ISPmanager developer company plans to implement the following features:

  • Novice mode for the novices to familiarize with the features of the panel. The convenient and clear tips making the work with websites easier.
  • Support of any PHP version in Apache module mode.
  • The mail monitoring with new spam filters and additional features.
  • The external and internal monitoring of websites displaying the running processes and the website accessibility.
  • The proactive system of errors control for detection of errors in the panel.
  • New ways of newsletters monitoring. Feature enabling to send newsletters to the messengers.
  • Support of OpenVPN and git.
  • Built-in support of projects based on python and node js.
  • Improved website protection against DDoS attacks.

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