HTTP/2 protocol for all cloud hosting clients

First of all we will answer the question what is HTTP/2. HTTP/2 is the first major update to the HTTP protocol since 1997, when the HTTP/1.1 protocol was first published by the IETF. A new HTTP protocol is needed to keep up with the exponential growth of the network. The successor to HTTP/1.1 significantly improves efficiency, speed, security and is supported by most modern web browsers. A list of browsers that support HTTP/2 can be found on the website.

The HTTP/2 protocol significantly speeds up opening of websites due to the following features:

  • Connections: Multiple requests can be sent through a single TCP connection, and responses can be received in any order. There is no need to keep multiple TCP connections.;
  • Thread priorities: A client can set priorities for a server - what type of resources are more important than others;
  • Header compression: HTTP header size can be reduced;
  • Push-sending data from a server: A server can send data to a client that he hasn’t yet requested, for example, based on what page users are opening.
When using you are using HTTP/2 protocol, the speed of your website increases. And as a result, the HTTP/2 protocol indirectly affects a position of a site in Google search.

John Mueller - a leading analyst at Google

Already today our server supports the HTTP/2 protocol. And all our clients using the cloud hosting service can make sure that their site works via HTTP/2 protocol; you can test your website using specialized service - HTTP/2 Test Verify HTTP/2.0 Support. Just follow the link and specify the address of your website in form. Below is the result of a positive test on the example of our site.