More memory for all VPS plans

We have an awesome news! Starting from this day, we have increased the amount of RAM by 2 times on all Cloud VPS plans. We are constantly improving quality of our services, and this improvements will allow our customers to speed up their projects.

VPS-1. Old 512 Mb of RAM - New 1024 Mb of RAM

VPS-2. Old 1024 Mb of RAM - New 2048 Mb of RAM

VPS-3. Old 2048 Mb of RAM - New 4096 Mb of RAM

VPS-4. Old 4096 Mb of RAM - New 8192 Mb of RAM

We also changed the configurator of VPS servers. Now the maximum available configuration:

  • RAM – 16 GB
  • Number of processors – 12.
  • HDD – 100 GB
  • Public IPv4-addresses – 4 .

It is worth noting that the cost of services remained the same. And the new conditions have already been applied to all existing cloud VPS.