Syncweb Cloud Supports the Operation of MIA Bank Website

Syncweb cloud provider has carried out the relocation of the website of MIA Bank to its cloud. MIA Bank was looking for a reliable partner providing the virtual computing capacity and ensuring high availability of the services provided and the relevant level of technical support.

The company got a high level of security and availability of its business applications. With that, a customer no longer has to make additional investments in the infrastructure. Based on the contractual relations, we provide the following:

  • Administration of the high-load infrastructure;
  • Preventive protection against DDOS attacks;
  • Integrated support of information security;
  • Support, updating and improvements of website itself powered by 1С Bitrix.

Syncweb cloud provider took the lead in the MIA website relocation project and carried out the relocation testing procedure using its own resources. The website’s operating capacity on the new platform and the compatibility with the external systems were checked by joint efforts.

«The migration was seamless, and the agreed deadline was observed. We received the recommendations on how to configure the security to increase it, and we made use of them», said Sergey Smirnov, Chief Information Technologies Officer.

About the companies:

Bank MIA is a specialized municipal bank, fully controlled by the government and the Moscow City Property Department. The priority activity of the Bank is in the implementation of social mortgage programs in the city of Moscow. The Bank’s main funding source is the owners’ equity.

Syncweb cloud provider is a part of the MST group of companies and is one of the leading providers in the industry. focuses on providing services to the corporate sector, aiming to ensure high fault tolerance of the entire infrastructure.