Our first bithday

Dear customers, friends, partners! Today we matured - our company is 1 year old. Exactly a year ago, our site was launched, and we were extremely happy with a first visitors and hosting clients who trusted young company.

During this year we did not stand still, but worked hard to provide really high-quality services to our clients. During the year we did a lot of work, that you can comfortably using our services.

Let's take a quick look to what we were able to achieve this year:

  • we have canceled the traffic ratio with the restriction of 1/4 incoming to outgoing. Now all traffic is completely unlimited for all our clients, and it doesn't matter what your tariff is;
  • all servers were reconnected to 1Gbps ports, and the speed was increased 2 times;
  • we revised Shared Hosting plans and increased the disk space 2 times, and mail became available for all tariffs, while the cost remained the same;
  • we have significantly reduced the cost of registering domain in all zones.

Much has been done, but in order to continue respond to the market needs and develop our long-term strategy, next year we identified a number of important infrastructure changes.

And now, in honor of the birthday, we give you a wonderful gift: order any service, and enter the promotional code syncbday to receive a 30% discount for a 1 year.

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