PHP 7.1 is available on all shared hosting tariff plans

As before, we are focusing on technologies, as well as on optimization and stability of the technologies we use.

This time we updated PHP to the latest stable version 7.1 and want to talk about the changes.

This update is not so big as 7.0. There is no information about a serious increase in productivity, but some old tails have been cleaned up, and also some syntactic sugar has been added tho this release.

Major improvements:

  • Nullable Types. Allow a type check to be of some type or null;
  • the ability to return void (in return);
  • iterable pseudo-type is an analogue callable that accepts many types instead of one;
  • visibility modifier for constants in a class;
  • syntax support of square brackets for list () and ability to specify keys in list ();
  • Multi catch. Catching multiple exception types in a single catch statement.

A complete list of all RFCs for released versions can be found at

Here we will show you how you can enable PHP 7.1 in your hosting control panel.

As before, you can switch PHP version literally in a couple of clicks.

In the hosting control panel, go to the WWW section, then go to the WWW-domains subsection, and choose a domain where you planning to change PHP version to 7.1. Then press the Change button. After that you will see the window where you can choose PHP Version from the list.